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We are developing a site that is continuously maintained with all railroad depots and structures in Kansas, and so....

We want YOU to be a very important part of this site in an attempt to make it complete and always up to date. 

We are interested in all of the following:

  • Depots

  • Stations

  • Freight Houses

  • Round Houses

  • Interlocking Towers

  • Coaling Towers

  • Yard Buildings

  • Ice Docks

  • Cattle Pens

  • Bridges & Abutments

  • Etc... in KANSAS

Want to Contribute?

Please submit below or email your images to:

along with as much info as you have the about each image.

Photographer and/or Collection





On Site/Off Site... Location (unless on private property)

Intact or razed

Please remember, we will do our best to update info as we get it. If you don't have photos,

help us fill in the blanks about photos and locations, that will help. 

 All who contribute, will be credited!

Our Goal...

Our goal is to bring full circle from beginning to end the first known photo of the subject/location, and to what it looks like today.

 No.84, the mixed train from Leavenworth, crossing over the Union Pacific branch south of Lansing, KS on

October 9, 1965.  Steve Patterson Photo

Jim Will, Chuck Hitchcock & Jeff Needham inspect the bridge abutments -  52 years later.  Robert Gatton Photo

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